How to Travel with Jewelry Safely

Getting ready for your next vacay?

Don't want to leave your precious baubles behind?

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Model Wearing Gold Hoops in Vogue Taiwan
Jackie Kennedy

The Best-Dressed Women of All Time: Jackie Kennedy

With her trademark headscarf and dark glasses , Jacqueline Kennedy's charm and style mesmerized all those who met her. A soft-spoken, regal brunette with wide-set eyes and a chic style all her own.

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What Every Type of Dress Code Really Means... 

Prepare for every dress code this season with this quick guide to the difference between black tie, white tie, formal, dressy casual, and more!

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Model Wearing Silver Earrings
Model Wearing Silver Statement Ring

How to Organize Jewelry

  Here are some tips for organizing jewelry and for keeping it sorted, tidily untangled and ready for accessorizing.

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The Art of Working Remotely

Working from home is everyone’s fantasy, isn't it? Having your morning coffee in your PJs while you review your emails and sales figures is the best job ever. But this perfect world isn't all that it's cracked up to be if you lack the willpower to remain focused.

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Model Wearing Gold Statement Earrings
Model Wearing Pearl Hoop Earrings

Define Your Signature Style

Having a distinctive style signifies a substantial amount of self-knowledge: you know what you like, who you are and what suits you. This credence or rather, authenticity, reinforces what you are trying to transmit through your look and makes it all the more compelling.

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Pearls are beautiful. There are faux (fake) pearls that look stunning and real pearls that look... well... less so. So why care whether you can tell real and fake apart?

It is important to recognize real pearls if you are buying them because precious gems are a good investment. High quality genuine pearls cost considerably more than those made of glass or plastic. The best way to know how to tell if pearls are real is by becoming familiar with the characteristics of an authentic pearl.

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Pearl Infographic


Like women the world over, we have a long-standing obsession with French girl magnetism. From the simple (yet insanely chic) way the French dress to their easy-going approach to beauty to that inimitable 'je ne sais quoi' we try our best to recreate

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Model Wearing Silver Choker
Gold Swarovski Ring

NYFW Trends Via The Style That Binds Us

MEET The Duo Behind The Style That Binds US

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How to Layer Necklaces-
Mix And Match Jewelry

 Are you trying to make a style statement with your necklace? Don't give up on your delicate favorites just yet. By strategically layering several dainty necklaces together, you'll achieve a result greater than the sum of its parts.

 The essential things to remember when wearing multiple necklaces is to vary the lengths. Try mixing slender, delicate chains with longer, thicker ones. You might find that doubling a longer strand gives you just the effect you're hoping to achieve.

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Peridot Lariat Necklace
Jewelry Care Tips
How to Care for and Clean Your Jewelry (yay!)

Simple Is The Way To Go:
There is a natural assumption, though false, that higher-priced items are always better options. This will lead some overprotective jewelry buyers to splurge on higher priced cleaners.This is a big misconception.

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Jewelry Care Tips

‘Honey Boy’: Shia LaBeouf’s Masterpiece Directed by Alma Har’el

It was April 27th, 2018 when uber-talented costume designer Natalie O’Brien reached out to us regarding a new project she would be working on. Fast Forward one year later and ‘Honey Boy’, Shia LaBeouf’s autobiographical screenwriting debut nearly tops ‘Avengers: Endgame’ with its rock-solid box office debut and outshines Netflix’s well-reviewed festival hit “Marriage Story,” starring Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson.

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Ring Size Chart: How to Measure Ring Size

It's confusing trying to find the perfect fit, especially when you're buying rings online.

Whether you're looking for your first ring or you're already a stacking connoisseur, we've got your back!

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Gold Statement Ring

Fashion from HTGAWM (How to Get Away with Murder) on ABC

The suspense-filled American drama series, How to Get Away with Murder, has officially entered into its sixth and final season on ABC and we know, we’re just as bummed as you are. In this “killer final season”, we’re still following around our favorite professor of defense law, the brilliant, seductive and charismatic Annalise Keating, played by the incomparable Viola Davis. We watch as she and her selected group of the best and brightest law students known as “The Keating Five”, Wes, Michaela, Asher, Connor and Laurel, are still navigating what it is like to be entwined in a murder plot. During the past 6 seasons the group has been tested time and time again as constant obstacles arise that expose everybody’s deep dark secrets, and tests their limits.

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Gemstone Fun Facts

Let's have a look at some interesting facts about gemstones...

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Gemstones Fun Facts

Fashion from This is Us on NBC

America’s favorite family the Pearson’s have returned to NBC and living rooms all across America for Season 4 of the must-watch comedy-drama series, This Is Us. This award-winning cast which consists of the insanely talented Mandy Moore, the hilarious Sterling K. Brown and the always dreamy Milo Ventimiglia, who let's be real, already has a special place in our hearts from playing Jess Mariano on Gilmore Girls. This is Us just keeps on proving to us week after week why we can’t seem to get enough of this TV drama. Tuesday just became your favorite day of the week again as we follow along with the Pearson’s through all the ups and downs of life with no shortage of drama, laughter and especially tears. And when we’ve finally stopped sobbing for long enough for our tears to stop blocking our vision, we’re admiring the Pearson’s great sense of effortless style. In order to perfectly mesh both the past and present storylines, you need to have timeless pieces of jewelry that will flow seamlessly through both. This is why Costume Designer Hala Bahmet turned to Bonheur Jewelry for staple jewelry pieces that can keep up with the shows ever intertwining storylines.

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Gold Swarovski Ring

Five Fashion Resolutions to Follow

"As more women scrutinize clothing labels for signs of where and how things are being made, marrying fashionability with responsibility is more important than ever." - Vogue

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Fashion From Dynasty on CW

Dynasty is back! The hit show has returned to the CW and television screens all across America.

CW’s Dynasty is always serving more than enough drama via snippy one-liners, gleefully ridiculous plotting and conspicuous displays of wealth. This is the stuff that keeps a new generation of fans, who have never seen the original coming back each week wanting ‘extra’.

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 Delicate Jewelry. Must-Have Jewelry for Every Day wear!

There are continuously so many jewelry trends that come back and go out of style. Who can keep up? Dainty, simple jewelry is effortless and stands the test of time. An ultra-sleek mix of delicate pieces you'll never want to (or have to) take off. Pretty on a day to day basis without having to trend-chase or spend a fortune. Even your work-out clothes can stand to be enhanced with a cute miniature necklace on your way to the gym or hot yoga.

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Pave RIng
Peridot Ring

Gemstone Engagement Rings
Because it doesn't always have to be a diamond...

  Say the words ‘engagement ring’ and ‘stone’ together and you probably don’t imagine colored gemstones.

Diamonds have become synonymous with engagement rings, but this doesn’t mean that they should be your only option. If you explore the world of gemstones, you’ll be astonished by the number of high-quality gemstones out there that make for perfect engagement rings. From emeralds and rubies to sapphires and topaz… the list is endless. Maybe she secretly fancies a fancy pink sapphire like Princess Eugenie?

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Vermeil Versus Gold-Plated Versus

Most jewelry lovers believe that the terms vermeil, gold-plated and gold filled are interchangeable, but these styles of jewelry differ considerably.

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Gold Statement RIng
Gold Swarovski Ring

How to Clean Gold Jewelry

Can gold tarnish?
Pure gold or 24K gold does not react with oxygen, which means it is unlikely to tarnish. However, many pieces of gold jewelry have other metals mixed in, causing the gold to become discolored over time.

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Gold Statement Ring


Today’s jewelry lovers have access to an astounding variety of metals in varying colors. Need advise on selecting a color? Read on. 

Chances are, if you love classic looks, then you love yellow gold jewelry. Yellow gold doesn't rust, tarnish or corrode, and it won't lose its color over time. Yellow gold most closely resembles pure gold due to it being a mixture of silver, copper, and zinc. It’s a flattering hue for many people, and also easy to resize. Smart consumers love it because yellow gold will always be popular and maintain its value.

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Peridot Ear Cuff

Jewelry Styling Tips

Looking to integrate more jewelry into your wardrobe, but not sure how?
This is Bonheur’s intro guide to styling jewelry.

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